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My husband was the one who found out about Monte Serrat, I have been to Santos many times in my life, and I had never gone to Monte Serrat. It was a totally awesome experience. You go up in a trolley, when you get up their, the views are exquisite, you see the whole city, their is also a little catholic church, that has a very ancient history, which you can read about in the in the walls of the church.


The ride up Monte Serrat is surprisingly expensive (25 BRL) compared to other attractions in Santos - most museums charge between 5 and 20 BRL. But the views are impressive and the 30 mins in between rides is just enough to tour the summit (and the machine room) before taking the ride back down.


This place will give you a feeling of top of the world - Santos city from this hill looking Huge and modern. You can go on the top by your feet or by special train. On the hill you will find an old cafe with good photos on the walls, so you can feel a real atmosphere of this specific place with a long history. Choose a sunny day, then you can enjoy the view.


Enjoy the ride in the vertical tram and visit an old cassino and a very cozy church. Choose a sunny day and don´t loose the nice view of all the city.


I thought this attraction was pretty poor. I'll explain why -- The cost to use the tram to go and down up is huge! $23R!! More than my lunch that day! Considering it's only about 150m I would have walked had it been possible. I've been on cable cars and trams that go more than 20 times that distance but cost a fraction.- The view isn't actually that good. You get a good view of the 'bad' side of Santos. A horrible port and horrible buildings. Being high up is the only benefit. It's like being over a big peak in the UK....overlooking somewhere like Hull. Quite a lot of smog too.- The other side is a bit nicer, looking towards the beach area but bear in mind it's a long way away and all you can really see are the large buildings.Really wish i'd saved my money.


From on top of this mountain you have a beautiful view of Santos, the port and the ocean. The steep tram ride up and down is a nice added touch.


I have being here several times past years. To enter Monte Serrat you can go by cable train, i think the price to go by this train is a little bit high but it is also very special. On the top you arrive at the former Casino. A beautiful old style building where inside the history of Monte Serrat and the Casino is being showed by old photo's. Nowadays gambling ... and so a casino is not legal, the building is now used for tourist visits and you can arrange a (wedding) party in the same building.By stairs inside the building you can climb on top of the casino to see Santos like a birds view. If you go around 17:00 and stay some hours you can also see Santos by night in winter time.On this same Monte Serrat you can find a little chapel which is also worth a visit. Just besides that you can take a look over the wall and see the beach and bay site of Santos and.... the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive view again.Once a year there is also a very nice event on this Monte Serrat called "Descida das escadas de Santos" A downhill (down stairs is maybe a better name" from the top of Monte Serrat by the stairs into downtown :)It is an impressive event.A walk down the stairs while this event is running is something you will never forget, every few hundred meters you can find a place for local food and drinks. When you are almost downhill there is a little bar with BBQ (Churrasco) , just try it.. it is great! You can feel Brazil here.Here a link to a video from this event and Monte Serrat:


This was the best part of my trip to Santos. You ride a funicular to the top of the mountain and go into an old historic building. The views of the city and port are spectacular!


The antique cable car up to the Mont Serrat is an adventure. Great view down to Santos from Mont Serrat, a walk down to Santos is relaxing and locals leaving there are very friendly.


Built to be a cassino, the building is still there, even though gambling's not allowed. The tram is fun, the view wondefful


Interesting, historical place. A tremendous view of the city


this atraction is a must visit if you go to santos, it provides a wonderful place to take photos, if you go ask the people there to go into the engine room, it's pretty amazing


For R$18 a piece, we were able to go up Monte Serrat. From here, there is a great view of the city and port. There is a nice building, as well as a picturesque church. Definitely a fun way to spend an hour.


Paisagem onde vc visualisa toda a Cidade de Santos. Optei por subir no bondinho para conhecer e apreciar a vista maravilhosa da Cidade.Minha filha e o namorado preferiram subie mais de trezentos degraus...aff!!!


A vista é boa, muitos dizem que não vale a pena porque a vista é do lado ruim da cidade e blá blá blá, mas eu gosto da paz de "estar no topo do mundo" e de observar o crescimento urbano da cidade de Santos. (Observem que está se tornando uma cidade vertical!)

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