itapeva peak


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itapeva peak



Worth a visit, for sure. Amazing views from up there, with the beautiful valley nearby and other mountains in the horizon. A perfect spot for scenery pictures, recommended!


The view is fantastic but the place became a big trash deposit and each day a new antenna is installed !!! Unavailable any kind of infrastructure (bathrooms, stores, police) !Be aware even with the view of around cities


Is an amazing place to have a paceful view of many cities. Very high but easy access by car. You must go there. Bring a coat, usually windy a lot.


The trip was worth it for the view. You may see fifteen cities if the weather allows. However, the place is crowded with tourist stores (not very nice ones) and TV/radio antennas, blocking parts of the view. We had trouble enjoying or taking a picture of the sunset.


Great view of entire Vale do Paraiba and Serra do Mar. However its was slightly polluted by commerce.


Beautiful view of the Paraiba valley.... were it not for the shantytown created by the small, dirty shops that line the access street to the peak. You can`t really enjoy the view, except for two limited spots at the peak. If the city had any consideration for its natural attractions, they would have taken this shantytown apart a long time ago. As it stands now, not worth a visit, unless you want to have the feel of walking on a slum.


It is very easy to reach the peak of Itapeva, all the way is done by car and the road is excellent. There are other good things there like sweets, chocolates and liqueurs. There are also several craft shops. Before the peak also has a lake (I do not remember the name) that is also very beautiful, and as it is in the way, worth the stop.


A place easy to reach. There is a good road, with good traffic signs. Upthere is a little bit difficult to park, because it is a small place, and there are too many tourists there. The car traffic is blocked before reach the top itself, so, it is better to park as soon as you find a empty space on the road side. Avoid going in the weekends when it is crowded. In the morning, the view with the fog is amazing. When the sun is shinning in a blue sky it is clear to see around 15 cities in the valley below. There are kiosks selling clothes, snacks and drinks.Before reach the peak, you will see, in the left side of the road, a lagoon. It is strange to see this amount of water in that high altitude. There is a tyrolean airway where you can feel some adrenaline. It was closed when i went there.


Th whole vale of the Paraíba river below and the chain of cities and towns...Taubaté, Pinda, Aparecida, Guara, Lorena...and beyond the hills heading towards the sea.


Nada muito extraordinário, mas é conferir...tranquilo e tem que dar sorte com o tempo....da pra tirar algumas fotinhas


Se você der sorte, a vista é incrível!!! Caso contrário, tudo que você verá é neblina. Já tive as duas experiências, no primeiro caso, vale a pena. No segundo, total perda de tempo.


A vista é linda, mas tem vários ambulantes e lixo pelo chão. É uma pena estar totalmente abandonado. Cuidado os animais na pista, pois nos deparamos com cinco cavalos soltos.


Lindo lugar com uma linda vista para as Cidades do Vale do Paraíba, clima frio, bom acesso, um dos pontos mais altos do Estado de São Paulo


Esse pra mim é o melhor passeio para quem está em Campos do Jordão. Na ida há uma parada com tirolesa sobre o lago. É uma aventura e tanto. Ao chegar no topo, vc será contemplado com uma belíssima vista. Arrisque.


A vista é deslumbrante!! magnífica!!Espetacular!!A natureza é realmente fantástica!!O caminho é asfaltado é um espetáculo, imperdível!!Tem que fazer parte do roteiro de quem visita Campos do Jordão.

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