horto florestal


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horto florestal



Really pleasant experience. Beautiful place, clean, well-kept, protected. Many trails for people of all fitness / experience levels, including children. Places to eat, clean restrooms, etc. Amazing place close to nature, perfect for pictures.


Beautiful place to walk, do the ropes course and jump in the waterfall. Kids loved running on the beautiful paths. Wonderful birds to see and hear. Small place to get a coffee or Coke.


A great day out with tree climbing, walks, bike hire lake, wildlife.My 3 year old could do the first easy trail. A tiny visitors centre although interesting


A beautiful, relaxing place, that can be immensely educational. Take the train tour and learn all about the fauna and flora, nature conservation and local habits. Very worth it.


I recommend this park for those who like to go hiking! There are 4 different types of trails and access by car is easy. There is a playground and for those who are with children will be able to let them run wild there. Ther is a restaurant and places for picnics outdoors and also has a small waterfall!


Go through the road..enjoy the forest, the view, the restaurants around, and when you arrive at Horto, just take your sneakers, walk, see the greens, listen to the water sound, the flowers, the trails, lovely and full of energy...


This is really and immense State Park for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the region. Much of it you will probably not see considering its size. But the region at the entrance is very charming, with many options for walks. You can also take a small tourist train that shows some of the flora with (often very humorous) explanations in Portuguese. There is also a place for barbecue so you could bring some meat in your rucksack :). And a lovely little café...


I have visited this park several times and it´s always nice going back.You have bike rental options (great bikes in excelent conditions), nice activities over trees and trails for great views.There is also a good restaurant and a snack bar.


Great landscape, easy access a lot of green area to be visited. I liked the access. There is a lot of green areas to see and enjoy


I loved the views, the waterstreams. I just couldn't believe how much infrastructure it lacks. Many plants are dead, the bathrooms are poor. The café is not that clean. If you are taking kids, make sure to being along bottled water, snacks, lots of sanitizing wipes. Still, worth the visit. There is zipline, bike rentals, nice trails.


Nice place to spend a day. Many places to visit and a wonderful view with many tracks to walk in. On the way to the Horto Florestal there is also some places worth to being visited.


This is a must if you like the outdoors. We were able to complete only one trail and it was tough but doable. The foliage and wildlife was wonderful. There are activities as well for all ages including a train ride and a playground. There are snacks and drinks available. Well worth the trip.


This is a great place to experience the Araukaria forests which once were widespread in the area. I guess most of the trails are pretty easy to walk and not very lengthy - ours was about 2 hours long and very well marked. We saw loads of butterflies (many more kinds than at the nearby butterfly sanctuary!) and various birds and even a giant lizzard (about 60 cm from head to tail). You get some beautiful views of the landscape from some points as well. You can buy a few snacks and some drinks near the entrance (and also some souvenirs if you want to). There is even a restaurant but we didn't try it.


Veri nice place! Very we'll organized!We were surprised how good was the restaurant inside the park (near the "train" station).We asked for a veggie plate and got a great hot plate with grilled veggies, rice, feijao and vegetarian farofa (typical Brazilian food). Great day outdoor!Cons: skip the trAin tour and go walking. With the train u see almost nothing and it's all in Portuguese.. The trails are nicer!


The walk to the waterfall took us more then one hour even we took the bicycles (I was not used for the mountain bike, it took some time to maneuver it). The nature is pretty, the waterfall is not really big but beautiful. The place has 4 different tracks, which differ by the difficulty and length. The place has parking, souvenir shops, restaurant, picnic area.

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