boa vista palace


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boa vista palace



Beautiful place, extremelly well-kept, protected. Has an amazing view from up there, too. Good parking space, restrooms, accessibility, etc. And the guided tour itself was very good and informative. No pictures allowed, though. Just outside.


visit the place, enjoy the view , go inside the church with its windows with a great scenery...Inside the palace you can see history, beautiful art ( paintings, furniture, musical instruments, art, carpets and curiosities)...just loved to have the opportunity to visit a beautiful place in my State. Oh and there is a café nearby with a store.


The Boa Vista Palace is located on top of a hill with some nice views of the environment. The palace itself is the winter (!) seat of the governor of the state of São Paulo. It has some wonderful paintings of famous Brazilian artists like Tarsila do Amaral, Ana Malfatti and Di Cavalcanti. But visits are only guided and quite short - it's difficult to listen to the explanations and still find time to see the paintings.Outside the Palace is a small café and shop with a terrace commanding stunning views.


There is only one guide to provide the tour. He is very attentious but if you arrive together with a tourist bus you are i trouble and will have to wait a lot. Another issue is that you cannot take any pictures inside which is too bad


Was impressed by the building quality. Nice layout of the Palace. The wooden floors were all made to fit. We didn't have any view due to low hanging clouds but they told us its great. The temporary exhibition is extremely interesting. We had a excellent guide with a fast knowhow. The tour is done in groups of app 20 persons and unfortunately you are pulled through at a high pace. Even so its really worth the drive up.


The Palace has a small Chapel on site that is modern in design and very interesting architecturally. I enjoyed seeing that more than the Palace. You can not take photos inside the palace but there are free lockers available to store your things so take your camera and take pictures of the Chapel instead!


At first i didnt want to go, but my fiancee talked me into visiting the Boa Vista Palace, and I loved it. Great historic content, nice and paintings of renowned Brazilian artists, and a guide that knows what she is talking about. I strongly recommend.


Good architecture, good paints of great artists. There is a ride inside there, where you can see the rooms and the winter palace of The State of São Paulo Government. The guide is very helpfull there and all security is provided by Military State Police.


Boa vista in Portuguese means beautiful views. This place lives up to this name. I got to see it late int he afternoon and it was magical. there is a palace that one can tour.


It's a small museum and S.Paulo State Governor's winter home. You can make a guided tour and see some interesting pieces of art. No pictures allowed. If you don't like the visit, you can take good pictures from Pedra do Baú Mountain. Gorgeous landscape.


There´s an interesting art collection, but the café in front of gates have a breathtaking view.


Local com bastante historia, é possível conhecer os aposentos dos hóspedes. Não se pode tirar fotos da parte interna do palácio.


Após esperar para poder entrar, me decepcionei. Apenas uma pequena parte é aberta a visitação e não há nada de grande interesse por lá. Na minha opinião, vale tirar uma foto do lado de fora, mas não compensa entrar...


Bonito por fora, mas sem grandes atrativos na parte interna, o palácio é uma opção de passeio em dias chuvosos. Se não for o caso, a cidade tem muitas opções melhores.


O local é bonito e a vista é bem legal. Não é o tipo de lugar que ficamos deslumbrados, mas vale a pena ir pra conhecer.

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