guaiba lake (river)


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guaiba lake (river)

Lake Guaiba receives the water of Jacui River, Cai River, Sinos River and...


running out of what to do and lot of time on our hand we ended up doing this tour - was an okay option for a hot summer afternoon.


The Steihaus restaurant carries on a family tradition of many years in germanica cuisine in Porto Alegre. If there is a place where I have always been met in the same way, kind and correct, and always ate dishes taste the same without amendment by savings in components or unwillingness of the chef, this is the place. The owner, Sergio, and his mother, Dna. Vera inherited everything good and right of the first German restaurants in town. And well, always managing seafood (or river) adequate. Good wine list.


NIce place to walk, run or rent a bike along the paths. Lots of families hangout their on Sunday. You can rent a pedal bike for a family while drinking fresh coconut water.


It is beautiful lake looking from distance but once you are on the water you quickly realise how polluted the river is. Real shame as it is perfect place to unwind around the lake and watch the sunset.


Whether you drive along the riverside, or you (risk and) park your car at Santa Teresa hill, the view is spectacular and sunset is one of the most beautiful in the world.Extend your ride to Ipanema riverside and stop for a beer on that fancy district.A perfect place for happy hour


Sunsets and jogging along marina park along Guaita river is awesome but it's water is dirty for bathing


Beautiful sunset of Porto Alegre city. Try the view of the city from the river by riding the "Cisne Branco" boat, that goes around the river in a - one and a half hour tour.


What a wonderful experience, sitting close to the lake, watching the sunset, having a nice chat with friends, having tea... If you're in Porto Alegre, don't forget to be at the Guaiba Lake before the sunset with a big bottle of the traditional tea, chimarao!


If you're in the mood of a picnic you can go here, is very nice and the lake is big so you can take a lot of picutres


If a local offers to bring you around and show you the sites, go! Nice suburb in the Zona Sul area of Porto Alegre will show a slightly different way of living from the more commonly visited northern/ central area. And there's a guy with a minivan who cooks churro filled with dolce de leche or chocolate (take your pick) for R$3.00 that's really good.


You have to go there by sunset because it is beautiful, you can ride your bike or take a walk with friends here.


The sunset view on Guaiba Lake from Usina do Gasômetro is one of the most famous interest points of the city. You can come into the Usina`s building and apreciate some art exposition, movie or theatre. Also, you can rent a bike and ride along the river sidewalk, walking through parks, stadiums, shoppings...


There is no place you can have those colors in the sky.Enjoying sunset drinking "chimarrão" is one of the best things to do.For me the best sightseeing.


Specially if ou go to "Ipanema region", I think you will enjoy the view and places to take a walk and something like this.


It is an incredible body of water, in what the sun produce incredible lights and colors everyday. Also you may have the chance to enjoy a boat ride in its dark-brown waters. It's the way out of big and small boats from Porto Alegre (Happy Port) to another incredible sound-like large water body called "Lagôa dos Patos" (Duck's Lake), and finally, after about 200 miles, to the Atlantic Ocean.

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