fundacao ibere camargo


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fundacao ibere camargo

A Fundacao Ibere Camargo preserva e divulga a obra do artista, alem de...


With Guggenheim inspired Architecture this Foundation has a very nice art display, with a very inconvenient way to access once there is NO WALKING entrance unless you enter using the car garage entrance (literally walking down the car lane) - But after you "the tourist" pass this obstacle you will be please with the permanent collection and the temporary ones. The ramp inside with its little windows gives you glances of outside as a nice way to remind of the world. Very interesting.


It's a nice place to go in Porto Alegre, speacially during the sunny weekends. A few nice art pieces and a good sightseen of Guaiba Lake and the city surrounding it.


We went there the first time to see 100 years of the nameholder os this very small but lovely museum and were not dissapointed. He must be one of the most important sculpture/painters of Brazil and we very much admired his exposed work.


Great architecture, good view of the city, wonderful sunset, best museum in Porto Alegre. International atraction on the Riverside, near too a public park in the waterfront of the Guaiba River (for some people considered as lake). Probably the best atraction em the city.


Located besides de River you can apreciatte The sunset and enjoy The art!modern building in a green área of The city. Enjoy The sight


This is a museum dedicated to Ibere Camargo, one of the most important brazilian painters.The building, built specially for his works exposition lays in Guaiba riverside, it is a contemporary building composing perfectly with that amazing landscape.


The musuem itself is a work of architecture regardless of art display itself. You get a magnificent view of Guaiba River and an inner walk that is always intriguing. The displays are usually very interesting, parking available underground.


The design. Modern without being modernist. Beatiful location near the waterfront. Wonderful views of the river and the city from inside the museum. Camargos' art is challenging and worth taking in.


Great architecture by Alvaro Siza, art pieces by Iberê Camargo, beatiful sunset at the Guaíba river. Best location to the late afternoon in the city. You can pedal on a rent bike and enjoy the place!!


If you like cultural places about local history you would like this Foundation, a must see place on Porto Alegre


This is a really cool place that is just a little way out of the town. I thought that the permanent collection is a little dull, but the Palestinian exhibition that is on at the moment is really cool and you should definitely not miss it.


The building itself is fabulous. The permanent exhibition from the painter Ibere Camargo is fantastic (they replace some paintings from year to year) and the interment ones are always well elected. The cafe just in front of the place is awesome as well.


The foundation has excellent reviews and so we decided to visit while in Porto Alegre for the World Cup. However, we did not use the Linha Turisma bus line (which might have been better to get there - as it is located on the south side of town, a few km from most other attractions) - but took a city bus there. The museum is a little isolated, and walking from the bus station was along a very busy road with little space to walk or cross. However, it is right on the water, and does have pretty views past the stadium toward downtown. The building itself is architecturally interesting, and the layout (with exhibits arranged so you can walk down the ramp from top floor back to lobby) resembles the Guggenheim in New York. Entry was free and staff were sophisticated and helpful (even in English). The exhibits themselves are a little progressive for most people's tastes - dealing mostly with anarchic / anti-establishment works that require interpretation and thought. Nonetheless, if you like modern art and are visiting Porto Alegre, this opportunity is not to be missed.


This museum was not on our to do list, but luckily tourist bus goes this far our of City Centre, that we decided to go and visit. The bilding is as much of an attraction as is the work of Camargo. Presently there are two guest exhibitions that could have been better thought out - leaving an impression of wasted space... Camergo section is excellent!


This is a great museum, fantastic architecture. The building is a piece of art in itself that incorporates the views form the environment around through well placed windows. A truly international experience. Bring your camera , because the architecture will provide you with lots of inspiration for memorable photos.

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