central public market


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central public market



It is an excelent place to purchase fresh products, primarily vegetables, meat, fish, there are some restaurants, such as Gambrinus a portuguese cuisine. The market burned sometime ago, and it has been recuperated. It is one of the oldes building in the city and has a portuguese archicteture from the 18th century.


Arrived at 8.00 am on a Wednesday morning in May 2014 when very few stalls were opened. When repairs are completed may be different. At that time of the morning could not buy any coffee or food (other than bakery items and fruit)


You can find anything in this market and ALSO GOOD FOOD with good prices. A fun place to visit while in Porto Alegre


We finally made it to the market. Venders selling food, clothing, souvenirs all around. Sadly, part of it burned a few months ago but the market was full for a Thursday. A lot of fun.


Beautiful historic building closed now beacuse of a fire that demaged the second floor. Will reopen soon we all hope.Its very peculiar place with lots of food marketes, where you can find good cold cuts, cheeses, meat and fish, besides vegetables and fruits. Some shops have tipical foods from this part of the country.You can also find nice places where you can have lunch or a snack.Its good anyway, solo, with family or friends.


For the ones who like to know places with typical local people, watching the special food markets and perhaps enjoying very special local restaurants


Just a few weeks ago it was parcially burned. The goverment is renewing it. But before that it was a typical market place with a fair restaurant (Gambrinu's) that once was a very good one. A good Temakeria was there also and it is famous for 'Banca 40' for its icecream and fruit salad. 'Banca 43' also has marvelous cheese, pastrami etc..


Beautiful historic building, in the city center. Important to notice: it has been damaged by fire and it's closed for restoration!On 2nd floor, good restaurants wait for you!


Very interesting place where you can buy, or eat. Good restaurants.There are stores where you can buy groceries, meat, vegetables and differents kinds of fish.


Being at Porto Alegre and not visiting the Central Public Market is a crime! Food, restaurant grocery, delicatessen and city history mixed in the same place.


The restaurants have a lot of interesting options, especially fish made (Gambrinus restaurant). Great ice-cream and fresh-fruits must be taste. Be careful, could be a little dangerous (thieves).


This seemed to be one of the popular free places to visit in Porto Alegre and also it appealed to my foodie side. It's not really hard to find being one of the focal points of the city centre and one of the largest by footprint if not height. It's slap bang next to Chale de Praca XV and right in the middle of town. The ground floor has all the masses of pork products you expect in a Portuguese or Spanish influenced market, bacalhau (salt cod) and masses of herbs and veg. On the upper deck are few restaurants including Japanese. Apparently there is a huge Japanese / Brazilian immigrant population in Brazil, a fact played out by the amount of Japanese influenced restaurants. Do visit Stall 40 for apparently the best ice cream in Porto Alegre.


My mom and me went to a water park in december, 20, 2012. The name of the park was "Pedacinho do Céu". I think the park is very good and very funny, but the food is very expensive and the park were always crowded.


The Central Public Market of Porto Alegre is a place where the locals go for groceries and special items. You can buy fish, sausages, crafts, religious items, spices, fresh produce, meat and the tradicional tea (chimarrao, yerba-mate) and all the acessories for it. Inside the market on the 1st floor has a few restaurants and coffee shops, one osf the best ones is "Casa de Pelotas" with a big number od sweets from the south region of Brazil and an amazing coffee.


It's very worth to go and visit this market to feel the real spirit of Rio Grande do Sul!Nice place to buy Mate, organic food or the best souvenirs from town!

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