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casa de cultura mário quintana



Nice place to get back in time and experience the old Majestic hotel where used to live the famous poet Mario Quintana.It is worth going all the way up to enjoy the view from the cafe.


AMAZING old hotel where it used to live Mario Quintana, a poet. Nice view from The cafe tower. Lovely old style cinema. !!!


It was my first visit to Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana in downtown Porto Alegre. The former Majestic Hotel is so impregnated of culture and tradition that it is impossible to do not fall in love with this great complex. Take the lift, go straight to the top floor and start - slowly - going down, visiting the different spaces and galleries. You'll be surprised and extremely rewarded. Take a look at the original hotel room where legendary poet Mario Quintana lived almost all his life. And finally, visit Elis Regina's collection. The " gaúcho" singer was another legend in the Brazilian song scene. One last remark: Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana is undergoing an important renovation effort, but its doors are opened to the public and you are more than welcome. Enjoy!


Visiting this place, you will be able to find the life and work done by one of the most famous writer in Brazil, and also have the opportunity to know the history of this old building refurbished for the purpose to be the Mario Quintana´s house.


It is a former hotel turned cultural hub, an iconic historical spot, and a traditional gathering point. It houses art exhibitions, small libraries, workshops and souvenir shops. There is a cafe at the top (a bit pricy), a lovely garden on the 5th floor and three small cinema rooms, with very affordable tickets and less-mainstream movies (mostly from US, Brazil and Europe).


In a beautiful building, this place is full of culture. On the roof there's a coffee store where you can go to see the beautiful sunset.


Great history about a marvelous poet that was politically secluded from major writers and poets from Brazil because of his simplicity. He was never honored as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Writers (Academia Brasileira de Letras). Instead a few where accepted by political interests even with mediocre writing like the former country President Jose Sarney.


Although under renovations, one cannot but get a sense of the energy in this place. Although the bulk of my visit was at the restaurant on the top floor, a walk around after exposed the rich cultural life that the city has given birth to and hosted. It certainly a must visit to get a sense of the city's history and cultural contribution to Brazilian life.A nice place to enjoy the sunset with views of the river and the city skyline.


Like exibits and nice café/bar on the top floor with live music from late afternoon. It's now under a very need renovation. Worth a visit.


I like the house, the style. It reposrts you to another time frame. We can feel the Porto Alegre 50-70 years ago flair. Nice place to go with a book alone too.


A great place to explore. Set in a beautiful old hotel this spot is popular among teenagers to come and hang out. It's a great place to spend an afternoon reading/relaxing. A very nice cafe in the rotunda outside with good views of the city. Also offers live music in the eveings (guitarist).


The place is a little abandon. The cultural secretary should take more care of this city heritage. As a place to remember this great and Poet and writer, it should have more attention and care.


The building, owned by the State of Rio Grande do Sul , today accommodates a wide variety of cultural venues, such as Lucilia Minssen Library , the Library Erico Verissimo , part of the Contemporary Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul , the Acervos Elis Regina and Mario Quintana , the Public Disco Natho Henn , theaters, cafes, bookstore and many rooms with specific destinations and many other multiple use. Worth a visit!


It was an old hotel and now is a place with theatre, cinema, coffes, you breath culture in this very nice building.


We arrived late in the day but still managed to see a few of the various rooms with very good displays. We enjoyed the view from the top floor cafe. One can enjoy films, music, art in this beautiful building.

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